I am Bruno Mériaux, a 2nd-year PhD student at SONDRA/CentraleSupélec. After being graduated in 2017 from the Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay with a Master degree in Signal and Image Processing, I started my thesis in September 2017 on robust signal processing in MIMO systems. Given the established collaborations between CentraleSupélec and National University of Singapore (NUS), I had the opportunity, through SONDRA, to visit Professor Vincent Y.F. Tan of the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering during 3 months. This collaboration provided me new skills for my thesis topic. Furthermore, it is very interesting to discover another way of researching in a different work environment. I would therefore recommend this experience to future students.

Bruno MÉRIAUX, CentraleSupelec

I am Thibault Taillade and I started my PhD at SONDRA/CentraleSupelec in December 2017 on signal processing for radar images. Thanks to the close relationship between SONDRA and NUS (National University of Singapore), I had the chance to stay 2 months in the Center for Remote Images, Sensing and Processing (CRISP), a NUS laboratory that shares with SONDRA the same concerns in remote sensing and radar imaging. In the scientific and cultural point of view, it was an interesting and rich experience that I recommend for student who wants to have an overseas experience and discover a new work environment.

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