20th SONDRAnniversary

Already 20 years of existance for SONDRA. 20 years of cutting-edge research, specializing in radar, particularly in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Born from the merger of research entities in both France and Singapore, SONDRA has become a beacon of collaboration, pushing the boundaries of radar technology and advancing the field of SAR application from the system to the algorithm, from the antenna to the imaging. 

About Us

The Sondra Laboratory emerged through the collaboration of four organizations already interconnected through independent partnerships. Its acronym, a fusion of Supélec ONERA NUS DSO Research Alliance, signifies the convergence of Singapore and France in advancing fundamental research endeavors in the realms of electromagnetism and signal processing applied to radar.

Our Research

Physics & Modeling

Radar technology, based on electromagnetic wave physics, detects objects and uses theoretical modeling to improve operations, underscoring physics' key role in radar.

New concepts & Signal Processing

Advanced radar signal processing uses machine learning, deep learning and adaptive filtering to improve detection and classification of targets, significantly enhancing radar accuracy and reliability across various applications.

Next Generation Hardware

Next-generation radar hardware integrates cutting-edge materials and microelectronics to achieve higher sensitivity, resolution, and energy efficiency, paving the way for enhanced detection capabilities and broader application scopes.

Our latest papers

Identification of Maya ruins covered by jungle using Sentinel-1

Florent Michenot, Israel Hinostroza, Regis Guinvarc’h, Laetitia Thirion-Lefevre

Impact on Mid-Latitude Ionospheric TEC and Scintillation during 2023 Geomagnetic Storms over France region

Babu Sree Harsha Pasumarthi, Israel Hinostroza, Mohammed Serhir, Stéphane Saillant

Detection of Forest Fires through Deep Unsupervised Learning Modeling of Sentinel-1 Time Series

Thomas Di Martino, Bertrand Le Saux, Régis Guinvarc’h, Laetitia Thirion-Lefevre, Elise Colin


Steve Tyler

« I am Steve Tyler, a graduate from Sri Lanka, and currently working on an inverse scattering problem in SAR images as a Ph.D. student at SONDRA/ONERA. I had the good fortune of joining SONDRA which is a well-equipped lab with a vibrant environment and with the abundant presence of brilliant pedagogic and administrative members who are well-integrated with the rest of the radar community. The members in SONDRA are very welcoming and open-minded when it comes to discussions on research and scientific exploration, and hence, you can find thesis and internship projects spanning from theoretical to very applied topics being posted all year round. Because of the affiliation between SONDRA and ONERA, I am able to collaborate closely with the Electromagnetism and Radar department (DEMR) in Palaiseau and get to visit the airborne SAR acquisition unit SETHI in Salon-de-Provence, where I also get to see the exciting drills of Patrouille de France. »




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