Steve Tyler

« I am Steve Tyler, a graduate from Sri Lanka, and currently working on an inverse scattering problem in SAR images as a Ph.D. student at SONDRA/ONERA. I had the good fortune of joining SONDRA which is a well-equipped lab with a vibrant environment and with the abundant presence of brilliant pedagogic and administrative members who are well-integrated with the rest of the radar community. The members in SONDRA are very welcoming and open-minded when it comes to discussions on research and scientific exploration, and hence, you can find thesis and internship projects spanning from theoretical to very applied topics being posted all year round. Because of the affiliation between SONDRA and ONERA, I am able to collaborate closely with the Electromagnetism and Radar department (DEMR) in Palaiseau and get to visit the airborne SAR acquisition unit SETHI in Salon-de-Provence, where I also get to see the exciting drills of Patrouille de France. »