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Nathan Paillou

I am Nathan Paillou, a Ph.D. student at SONDRA/CentraleSupelec. I obtained my engineering degree in Mathematics and Mechanics at ENSEIRB-MATMECA, in France. I chose to do my thesis in this laboratory for its Franco-Singaporean status, which facilitates international work compared to a solely French laboratory. Furthermore, the position on the CentraleSupelec campus is a real asset, from a professional point of view, for the contact with the other laboratories and the engineering school, and from a social point of view.

I am in the third year of my thesis, and I have been delighted by these first two years in this laboratory. First of all, the supervision is of high quality, both from a scientific and administrative point of view. I felt it even more during this difficult period of Covid-19. Then, life is pleasant, there are many trainees and Ph.D. students, both French and foreign, with whom I had excellent times, whether working on a joint subject or in my free time. The team spirit is also very present, the members of the team are available to help me when I have a question and are kind to newcomers. Finally, we can follow quality courses to train ourselves and give classes to students, which I found interesting.
For all these qualities, I advise anyone, French or foreign, to do a thesis in this laboratory, which combines work quality and quality of life.