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I am J Agustin BARRACHINA, a PhD student at SONDRA/CentraleSupelec. I am an Electronical Engineer with focus on Signal Processing, graduated from ITBA, Argentina. I decided to do my PhD thesis abroad and after much research I decided to go to France not only because of its international prestige but also because the country offers great social and economic support for foreign students most countries lack. I am currently doing my 2 nd -year of PhD in SONDRA, a very stimulating place to investigate due to its level of excellence. Being there, I was greatly impressed by the atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship as everyone is very welcoming and friendly, which I personally consider as important as the PhD topic itself. SONDRA offered me the opportunity to learn a lot about French culture. I met people from all around the world as SONDRA has a fair amount of foreign students and devoted professors in its facilities. For all this and more, I encourage and recommend this experience for every French PhD student looking for academic prestige and also for every foreign student wishing to study abroad.