The SONDRA laboratory was born from the alliance of 4 organisations that were already linked by independent collaborations. Its acronym is a contraction of Supelec ONERA NUS DSO Research Alliance (Supélec now CentraleSupélec) and represents the union between Singapore and France around fundamental research activities in the fields of electromagnetism and signal processing applied to radar.


  • 2004 - Creation of the joint laboratory SONDRA "Supélec ONERA NUS DSTA Research Alliance

  • 2010 - DSTA replaced by DSO National Laboratories in Singapore

  • 2015 - Merger of Ecole Centrale Paris with Supélec

  • 2017 - Move to new premises within CentraleSupélec

  • 2019 – Université Paris-Saclay integration


    To maintain a research team in innovative fields.
    To encourage cross-collaborations and exchanges between the four partners.
    To establish a strong presence in the international scientific community through publications, seminars and workshops.
    To open research networks to other French and European research institutions.