TUESDAY, 14 June, 09:00 – 12:30 – CHECK-IN

TUESDAY, 14 June, 12:30 – LUNCH


Stéphane Saillant, SONDRA Director
Romain Soubeyran, CentraleSupélec General Director
Chee Hoo Cheong, CEO DSO
Bruno Sainjon, CEO ONERA
Voon-Yew Aaron Thean, Dean NUS
Marc Lesturgie, International Affairs Director ONERA

TUESDAY, 14 June, 15:15 - 15:45 – BREAK

TUESDAY, 14 June, 15:45 - 17:50 – SPECIAL TOPICS

Régis Guinvarc’h, SONDRA Technical Manager
Alexis BONNIN, ONERA/DPHY, Marine & Airborne Gravimetry with an Absolute Cold Atom Sensor
Marc Sciamanna, CentraleSupelec, Photonics Chair@CentraleSupélec
Tugdual CEILLIER, PRELIGENS, Presentation of PRELIGENS – AI for Earth Observation
Hubert CANTALOUBE, ONERA/DEMR, ONERA SAR survey on Greenland icecap for recovery of A380
engine fragments

TUESDAY, 14 June, 18:00 - 19:00 – POSTER SESSION

TUESDAY, 14 June, 19:30 – GALA DINNER

Espace Jeanne Laurent – Palais des Papes

WEDNESDAY, 15 June, 8:00 - 10:00 – QUANTUM TECH

Chaiman: Fabrice BOUST – Mihai DATCU

QT.1: Introduction to Quantum – 08:00-08:20

Fabrice Boust, ONERA            

QT.2: Quantum technologies at ONERA for AeroSpace and Defense applications – 08:20-08:40

Sylvain Schwartz, ONERA                    

QT.3: Can quantum correlations improve radar technology? – 08:40-09:00

Giacomo Sorelli, Sorbonne University            

QT.4: A Feasibility Study on Quantum Illumination Radar – 09:00-09:20

Jun Wei Lam, DSO, W. H. Wee, DSO, M. H. Teo, DSO, Y. H. Sum, DSO, C. Y. Chong, DSO      

QT.5: Quantum computing – Results and Perspectives in Earth Observation – 09:20-09h40

Mihai Datcu, DLR

QT.6: Quantum computing – Phase-Coded Radar Waveform AI-Based Augmented Engineering and Optimal Design by Quantum Annealing – 09:40-10h00

Timothe Presles, THALES, Rémi Bricout, THALES, Cyrille Enderli, THALES, Florence Aligne, THALES, Frédéric Barbaresco, THALES    

WEDNESDAY, 15 June, 10:00 - 10:15 – BREAK – POSTER ACCESS


Chaiman: Jean-Philippe OVARLEZ – Frederic BARBARESCO

AI.1: Artificial Intelligence for Digital Twin Earth – 10:15-10:35

Mihai Datcu, DLR

AI.2: Unsupervised Deep Learning Parameter Estimation for High Fidelity Synthetic Aperture Radar Super Resolution – 10:35-10:55

Matthew Tay, DSO

AI.3: GAN-based EO-SAR Domain Transfer – 10:55-11:15

Yuanyuan Qing, NTU, J. Zhu, NTU, W. Liu, NTU, B. Wen, NTU

AI.4: AI-Enabled Airplane Recognition Using Radar Cross-Section Signals – 11:15-11:35

Songnan Lin, NTU, Y. Qing, NTU, W. Liu NTU, and B. Wen, NTU,

AI.5: Complex-Valued Neural Networks for Polarimetric SAR Segmentation – 11:35-11:55

Agustin Barrachina, ONERA/SONDRA, C. Ren, SONDRA, C. Morisseau, ONERA, G. Vieillard, ONERA, J.-P. Ovarlez, ONERA/SONDRA

AI.6: Geometric-Informed Deep Learning and Symplectic Model of New Generation Radar Processing – 11:55-12:15

Frédéric Barbaresco, THALES, Pierre-Yves Lagrave, THALES

WEDNESDAY, 15 June, 12:15 - 13:50 – LUNCH – POSTER ACCESS

WEDNESDAY, 15 June, 13:50 - 15:50 - RADAR SYSTEM

Chaiman:  Hélène ORIOT – Heong Wann SEAH

RS.1: Hybridization of Fast Scattering Model and Physical Optics for Modelling in UHF Band – 13h50-14h10

Dihia Sidi Ahmed, SONDRA, P. Russo, Università Politecnica delle Marche, G. Cerri, Università Politecnica delle Marche, L. Thirion Lefèvre, SONDRA, R. Guinvarc’h, SONDRA

RS.2: SAR-LIGHT – The New ONERA SAR Sensor on UAV Platform – 14:10-14:30

Frédéric Brigui, ONERA, S. Angelliaume, ONERA, N. Castet, ONERA, X. Dupuis, ONERA, P. Martineau, ONERA, X. de Milly, ONERA  

RS.3: I2R’s Research Activities on Comm and Radar for Aviation Applications – 14:30-14:50

Hongbo Sun, A*Star               

RS.4: Approximate Methods to Reduce Computational Resources for On-Board Image Formation – 14:50-15:10

Chun Jian Ho, DSO                 

RS.5: Digital Pre-Distortion with Direct Digital Synthesizer for Wide Bandwidth Waveform Generation – 15:10-15:30

Kwang Siong Jeremy Leow, DSO                    

RS.6: AI-Augmented MFR Radar Engineering with DIGITAL TWIN: Towards PROACTIVITY

Mathieu Klein, THALES, T. Carpentier, THALES, E. Jeanclaude, THALES, R. Kassab, THALES, K. Varelas, THALES, N. de Bruijn, THALES, F. Barbaresco, THALES, Y. Briheche, THALES, Y. Semet, THALES, F. Aligne, THALES – 15:30-15:50

WEDNESDAY, 15 June, 15:50 - 16:10 – BREAK – POSTER ACCESS


Chaiman: Arnaud BRELOY – Weixian LIU

RSP.1: Bistatic Passive SAR Imaging Using TerraSARX Transmiting Signal – 16:10-16:30

Olivier Boisot, ONERA, J.-F. Nouvel, ONERA, F. Brigui, ONERA/SONDRA, H. Cantalloube, ONERA

RSP.2: Multiple Radar Sensor Fusion for Drone Surveillance in Urban Environment – 16:30-16:50

Xin Guo, THALES Asia, C. S. Ng, THALES Asia

RSP.3: Geometric programming for optimizing SAR waveform parameters – 16:50-17:10

Wen-Hao John Lee, DSO                    

RSP.4: Collaborative Multi-Radars Tracking by Distributed Auctions – 17:10-17:30

Pierre Larrenie, THALES, C. Buron, THALES, F. Barbaresco, THALES

RSP.5: Digital filtering approach to reduce pulse extension loss in Scan-on-Receive Digital Beamforming – 17:30-17:50

Ping-Yi Gabriel Ng, DSO                     

RSP.6: Radar techniques for human detection and classification in urban areas – 17:50-18:10

Kaiyi Yang, NTU, J. Zhang, NTU, B. Liu, NTU, W. Liu, NTU, B. Wen, NTU          

RSP.7: Persistent Sensing of Moving Target Detection with Single Channel Ka-band SAR Imaging System – 18:10-18:30

Wen-Hao John Lee, DSO, R. J. Peh, DSO, Y. X. Lim, DSO, P. S. Koh, DSO         


THURSDAY, 16 June, 08:00 - 10:00 – ANTENNA & PROPAGATION

Chaiman: Koen MOUTHAAN – Mohammed SERHIR

A.1: Antenna works at ONERA – 08:00-08:20

André Barka, ONERA              

A.2: A Foldable Dual-Polarized Patch Array – 08:20-08:40

Lu Jian, DSO/NUS, A. Liu, NUS, P. K. Tan, NUS, T. H. Gan, NUS           

A.3: Reconfigurable Rasorbers – A New Era of Stealth Technology – 08:40-09:00

Saikat Chandra Bakshi, NUS, K. Mouthaan, NUS

A.4: A C-band hat-fed reflector antenna – 09:00-09:20

Su Yee Aye, NUS, T. T. Chia, NUS, S. Huber, NUS, K. Mouthaan, NUS

A.5: Reflectarray antenna research in TL@NUS & DSO – Part I & II – 09:20-09:40

Tse Tong Chia, TL-NUS

A.6: Modeling of the ionosphere for HF & L bands propagation: impact of Space Weather – 09:40-10:00

Aurélie Marchaudon, IRAP, Pierre-Louis Blelly, IRAP

THURSDAY, 16 June, 10:00 - 10:15 – BREAK – POSTER ACCESS

THURSDAY, 16 June, 10:15 - 11:55 – RADAR IMAGING

Chaiman: Laurent FERRO-FAMIL – Shen Guang Alex TAN

RI.1: Tomographic imaging methods for the characterization of forests using multi-baseline interferometric and polarimetric SAR data – 10:15-10:35

Laurent Ferro-Famil, ISAE, Y. Huang, IETR

RI.2: Assessment of Ionospheric Effects Mitigation Techniques on Space-borne Low-Frequency SAR data – 10:35-10:55

Sébastien Angelliaume, ONERA, A. Mainvis, ONERA, V. Fabbro, ONERA, H. Oriot, ONERA, J. Lemorton, ONERA

RI.3: Internal Imaging of Asteroid Analogues Using Electromagnetic Methods – 10:55-11:15

Astrid Dufaure, Institut Fresnel, Y. Yusuf, Institut Fresnel, J.-M. Geffrin, Institut Fresnel, L.-I. Sorsa, Institut Fresnel, S. Pursiainen, Institut Fresnel, C. Eyraud, Institut Fresnel

RI.4: Transferring deep learning techniques from Optical to SAR – 11:15-11:35

Tugdual Cellier, PRELIGENS                

RI.5: Presentation of a New Multi-Data Temporal Method Based on Differential Entropy – 11:35-11:55

Nathan Paillou, SONDRA, R. Guinvarc’h, SONDRA, L. Thirion Lefèvre, SONDRA

THURSDAY, 16 June, 11:55 - 13:30 – LUNCH – POSTER ACCESS

THURSDAY, 16 June, 13:30 - 16:10 – SIGNAL PROCESSING

Chaiman: Han Lun YAP – ChengFang REN

SP.1: Analysis of Adaptive Multichannel Filters Trained with Covariance Mismatched Sampled – 13:30-13:50

Olivier Besson, ISAE                

SP.2: Multidimensional Stationary Time-Series Machine Learning for Radar Clutter Classification -13:50-14:10

Yann Cabanes, THALES, M. Arnaudon, Bordeaux University, F. Barbaresco, THALES, R. Kassab, THALES

SP.3: Joint estimation of location and Positive-Definite Scatter Matrix in Elliptical Distributions – 14:10-14:30

Stefano Fortunati, L2S, A. Renaux, L2S, F. Pascal, L2S  

SP.4: On the False Alarm Probability of the Normalized Matched Filter for Off-Grid Target Detection – 14:30-14:50

Pierre Develter, ONERA/SONDRA, J. Bosse, ONERA, O. Rabaste, ONERA, P. Forster, ENS. Paris Saclay, J.-P. Ovarlez, ONERA/SONDRA        

SP.5: On the Use of Geodesic Triangles Between Gaussian Distributions for Classification Problems – 14:50-15:10

Antoine Collas, SONDRA, F. Bouchard, CNRS L2S, C. Ren, SONDRA, A. Breloy, Nanterre University, G. Ginolhac, Savoie Mont-Blanc University, J.-P. Ovarlez, ONERA/SONDRA

SP.6: Fast Computation of the Optimal ISL Filter for Large-Scaled Problems – 15:10-15:30

Maria-Elisavet Chatzitheodoridi, ONERA, A. Taylor, ONERA, O. Rabaste, ONERA, H. Oriot, ONERA

SP.7: Waveforms and Bio-Inspired Processing – 15:30-15:50

Anthony Torre, ONERA, A. Taylor, ONERA, D. Poullin, ONERA, T. Chonavel, IMT Atlantique

SP.8: Radar Emitter Classification with Optimal Transport Distances – 15:50-16:10

Manon Mottier, L2S, G. Chardon, L2S, F. Pascal, L2S   




AI.P1: AI-Empowered Remote Sensing Imagery Generation

Yuanyuan Qing, NTU, J. Zhu, NTU, S. Cao, NTU, W. Liu, NTU, B. Wen, NTU     

AI.P2: Applicative Potential of Convolutional Autoencoders to SAR Time-Series of Boreal Forest Environments

Thomas Di Martino, ONERA/SONDRA, E Colin Koeniguer, ONERA, R. Guinvarc’h, SONDRA, L. Thirion Lefèvre, SONDRA

AI.P3: Deep Learning for SAR Image Denoising

Jit Soon Foo, DSO, Teo Ching Lik, DSO           

AI.P4: Deep Learning for SAR Image Super Resolution

Youssef Adarrab, CentraleSupelec,  A. Daly, CentraleSupelec, D. Colombo, CentraleSupelec, J. Fix, CentraleSupelec, C. Ren, SONDRA, I. Hinostroza, SONDRA                   

AI.P5: Machine Learning for Radar Tracking in Urban Environments

Jiarui Zhang, NTU, K. Yang, NTU, W. Liu, NTU, H. Feng, NTU, B. Wen, NTU                 

AI.P6: SAR Anomaly Detection Based on Generative Networks

Max Muzeau, ONERA/SONDRA, C. Ren, SONDRA, S. Angelliaume, ONERA, J.-P. Ovarlez, ONERA/SONDA

AI.P7: Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Micro-Doppler, Cadence Velocity, Human Activity

Israel Hinostroza, SONDRA, C. Ren, SONDRA, J. Fix, CentraleSupelec, G. Manfredi, T. Letertre, SONDRA


RI.P1: Uncertainty Analysis on Wall and Radar’s Characteristics Applied to Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging

Yanisse Boudrouz, SONDRA, M. Serhir, SONDRA, C. Eyraud, Institut Fresnel, I. Hinostroza, SONDRA

RI.P2: First Trials to Retrieve Permittivities from Double Bounces in SAR Images

Steve Tyler, SONDRA, X. Dupuis, ONERA, R. Guinvarc’h, SONDRA, L. Thirion-Lefevre, SONDRA

RI.P3: An In-House WiFi-Based Decentralised Load-Balancing Framework for SAR Applications

M.C. Gokul, NUS                     

RI.P4: Imaging Comparison of GPR Based on Multi- and Bi-static Configurations

Mohammed Serhir, SONDRA, A. Aboudourib, GEEPS, M. Lambert, L2S, D. Lesselier, L2S

RI.P5: Robust PCA for Through The Wall Radar Imaging

Hugo Brehier, SONDRA, A. Breloy, Nanterre University, C. Ren, SONDRA, I. Hinostroza, SONDRA, G. Ginolhac, Savoie Mont-Blanc University

RI.P6: Simulation of Extended Scenes for Radar Raw Data and SAR Image Simulation

Etienne Everaere, ONERA, X. Husson, ONERA, S. Roussel, ONERA, B. Talibart, ONERA, K. Unger, ONERA, P. Martineau, ONERA           

RI.P7: Through-the-Wall Doppler-based Human Sensing

Lei, NTU, S. G. Razul, NTU       

RI.P8: Detection of Archaeological Sites Hidden by a Forest Canopy Using Sentinel-1 Time-Series

Florent Michenot, SONDRA, R. Guinvarc’h, SONDRA, L. Thirion Lefèvre, SONDRA                 

RI.P9: Deep Learning for Land Cover Classification from Sentinel-1 InSAR Short-Time-Series in the Amazon Forest

Ricardo Dal Molin, DLR           


DSP.P1: Evolutionary Computation and Metaheuristics for Radar Network Placement

Quentin Renau, THALES, J. Dreo, Institut Pasteur, A. Peres, THALES, Y. Semet, THALES, C. Doerr, Sorbonne University, B. Doerr, CNRS

DSP.P2: Contribution of Multipath Direction of Arrival Information to the Reduction of Localization Ambiguities in Around-the-Corner Radar

Ba Huy Pham, ONERA/SONDRA, J. Bosse, ONERA, O. Rabaste, ONERA, I. Hinostroza, SONDRA, T. Chonavel, IMT Atlantique       


RS.P1: Ka-band radar development and experiment results at NTU

Weixian Liu, NTU, H. C. Feng, NTU, W.S. Lim, NTU, A. Chandran, NTU, Y. L. Lu, NTU, E. Charles, NTU

RS.P2: Simple and Fast Visualization Solution of the RF Electromagnetic Fields

Daniel Prost, ONERA, S. Gemble, ONERA        

RS.P3: Urban Propagation Study for Improving Communications and Radar Systems From 250 MHz to 6 GHz

Jonathan Israel, ONERA                                  

RS.P4: Nanosat Projects at ONERA

Yoann Paichard, ONERA         


SP.P1: Large Dimensional Analysis of LS-SVM Transfer Learning –  Application to PolSAR Classification

Cyprien Doz, SONDRA, C. Ren, SONDRA, R. Couillet, Grenoble University, J.-P. Ovarlez, ONERA/SONDRA    

SP.P2: A New Phase Linking Algorithm for Multi-temporal InSAR based on the Maximum Likelihood Estimator Partially adaptive filtering using randomized projections

Phan Viet Hoa Vu, ONERA, F. Brigui, ONERA/SONDRA, A. Breloy, Nanterre University, Y. Yan, Savoie Mont-Blanc University G. Ginolhac, Savoie Mont-Blanc University 

SP.P3: Adaptive Beamforming for Conformal Antenna Arrays using Software Defined Radio

Jiahao Wang, NUS, K. Mouthaan, NUS

SP.P4: Classification of GPR Signals Via Covariance Pooling on CNN Features Within a Riemannian Framework

Matthieu Gallet, Savoie Mont-Blanc University, A. Mian, Savoie Mont-Blanc University, G. Ginolhac, N. Stelzenmuller, Geolithe          

SP.P5: Robust Structured Covariance Matrix Estimation for Source Localization

Bruno Mériaux, EPSI, C. Ren, SONDRA, A. Breloy, Paris Nanterre University, M. N. El Korso, Paris Nanterre University, P. Foster, Paris Nanterre University                 

SP.P6: Partially adaptive filtering using randomized projections

Olivier Besson, ISAE